One-to-One Mentoring Sessions
in English or Dutch

Personal support can be invaluable to a beginning or an advanced artist alike. It is my mission to help artists to find their own style, to paint confidently and joyfully. My guidance and support can help you take the next step forward!


Our one-to-one mentoring session can be devoted to anything that you need help with: your questions and concerns, a particular technique or sketching medium. You can also ask for feedback on your artwork.

My areas of expertise are watercolor sketching, gouache and colored pencils, and alcohol-based markers. My skills center around urban sketching techniques but are not limited by them. 

The session lasts 90 minutes and takes place online (usually Skype). Before we meet, you fill out a questionnaire, detailing your situation and your questions, and  submit examples of your work, if necessary. This helps me tailor the session to your needs.

What can I help you with? 

Here are some of the topics I can help you with. If you can’t find your issue here, contact me anyway and I will see how I can help! Sometimes you may need more than one session. I can then recommend a series of meetings or lessons. 


I can help you understand one- and two-perspective, as well as atmospheric perspective. Explain when you need perspective and when you can live without it! 

Color Theory

I can help you understand the basics of colors, teach you how to mix beautiful colors from six basic colors, show you how to mix greens.

Painting Techniques

Gouache or watercolor, there is so much that can go wrong! I can help you pick the right brushes and use them with precision, show you how to use the right amount of water and paint.


I can share my techniques for creating fast, loose and playful sketches, so that you don’t spend hours working on one sketch and also avoid making the most common mistakes. 


I can give you detailed feedback on your work! The things that you did right and points for improvement. Sometimes it takes just a glance and a piece of advice from an experienced teacher to make a huge difference in your art.

Feeling Stuck

If you feel you are not sure how to improve, you have lost confidence or inspiration. You feel like you are going around in circles and not moving forward. We can work on that too! Creativity is contagious.

Take your art to the next level in three easy steps!




Leave me a message explaining your issue, the question that you have or an area you would like help with. If I believe that I can help you, we will set the time for an online meeting.

You will get a questionnaire that will help me better understand your needs. After you fill it out, you send it back to me together with examples of your work (if applicable).

I will then take some time to study your information and prepare for the mentoring session. 

We meet on Skype for 90 minutes. The meeting will be recorded and you can keep the recording as long as you need. I will also send you an email with a brief summary and recommendations.

Cost and Contact Info

Contact me at and explain your issue/question and we will schedule a session. 

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