Hi, I'm Julia Henze, urban sketcher and art teacher. Welcome to my classroom!

All my content, both free and paid, has one goal: to help amateur artists grow and thrive. 

What does that mean? It means helping you become a confident, independent artist who has a unique sketching style and loves both the process and the result. 

To help you get there,  I provide high-quality learning resources:

  • blog posts, Youtube videos and free workshops that help you navigate the amazing world of (urban) sketching;
  • in-depth courses that help you master the desired skill
  • a membership for artists who are committed to taking their art ot the next level


Short Courses

Brave Brushes Studio

One-on-One Sessions

Originally published on Skillshare,  the courses offer handy step-by-step processes for creating colorful sketches with gouache, watercolors, or alcohol-based markers. These courses are available separately, but they are also included in the Brave Brushes Studio membership.

This is a small but mighty community, my membership for amateur artists and urban sketchers. It includes an archive of classes, workshop recordings, weekly video lessons, monthly live sketching workshops and Q&A calls, plus a vibrant community of fellow artists to give you feedback, support and encouragement. 

90-minute mentoring sessions in English or Dutch are held online. They can be devoted to anything you need help with: feedback on your work, a particular technique or sketching medium, your questions or concerns. Each session is unique and tailored to your needs. 

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